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X-1 Overdrive
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X-1 overdrive pedal
Unbelievable touch sensitivity and tone



X-1 gets rave review!

"It’s hard to imagine a better sounding overdrive pedal… If overdriven sweet distortion is part of your sound, you need this pedal."

ToneQuest Report, Oct. 2014 email us for review

X-1 overdrive pedal VIDEO
"The build quality, musicality and mojo is strong in this one! It's super touch sensitive and you can chose between silicon and germanium diodes (or both!) which makes this overdrive pedal so versatile it's almost scary. With the Loud and Drive all the way up you move into fuzz territory. This pedal can be everything from an always on overdrive to a screaming fuzz pedal." Eirik Stordrange, Livingroom Gear Demos
Here is another X-1 overdrive pedal VIDEO
This one shows off more single note lead sounds through a Fano Alt de Facto PX6 guitar and Tone King Imperial 20th Anniversary amp. Eirik Stordrange, Livingroom Gear Demos

The X-1 has been upgraded!

With a slightly warmer presentation overall and new diode settings with less change in volume, the X-1 is better than ever.

If you own the original version you are eligible for a free upgrade. 

Vintage tone and audiophile quality, the X-1 offers unique flexibility and clarity with your guitars volume control. Provides plenty of gain and character while staying true to your guitars tone. Responds to your playing style and is extremely touch sensitive.

 Retail price $260

  • Hand wired with Mulder Audio cable
  • Discrete circuitry (no IC’s or chips)
  • Three position germanium & silicon diode settings
  • Terminal strip point to point wiring (no circuit board)
  • Walnut hardwood tuned enclosure
  • Audiophile grade polystyrene and tin foil capacitors
  • CTS Pots
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Non-magnetic construction
  • True bypass
  • Durable and beautiful powder coated finish



  • Left – Volume
  • Right – Gain

 Toggle switch

  • Up – silicon diodes
  • Middle – hybrid silicon & germanium diodes
  • Down – pure Germanium diodes 

What customers are saying about the X-1
"The X1 in the center position w/ both knobs at 12 o'clock is my favorite tone ever. Best pedal I have ever played. If I had to have only one pedal (God forbid) that would be it. Could not stop thinking about it all day." Randall G, Boulder CO

"I've been putting the X-1 through its paces since I got it. Used it for a show on Saturday night - all the guitar guys who frequent my shows gave me big complements on the tone. I'm excited about using it for some studio dates that I have coming up. So far I'm loving it, especially the germanium setting. I think it's going to end up replacing my JMI Tonebender on my board." John M, West Chester, PA

Hey Gary!
"The pedal is behaving just fantastic! I can't say that I've ever played through a pedal that shows my guitars true tone/characteristics this much...truly an inspiring piece! Plus it loves to stack with other Thanks..."
You rock Gary,

Ryan Ridgeway, Leprechaun Pedal Boards - Duncan, SC

“I've been using x-1 for a month and it just gets better and better. It is unquestionably the most sensitive, organic, "amp like" distortion pedal I've ever stomped upon. Each of the three settings offer distinctive takes on classic tones. The silicone switch has replaced my beloved Zen Drive. The no diode switch can provide warm clean boost, or just a  bit of growl. High gain enthusiasts will get all they need in Germanium mode. You won't find a smoother, more diverse overdrive that expands your tone so effortlessly." J Bumgarner, Vero Beach, FL

"I have to say the Mulder X-1 has the most amazing amount of subtlety and nuance in the transition from the lightest overdrive to a fully saturated distortion. The amount of character available is just unbelievable. Never gets fizzy or compressed, just super rich tone. Thanks Gary!" Carter Gravatt, Carbon Leaf

 "The pedal is incredibly responsive.... it’s a Ferrari....” M Lowe, Denver, CO

"...Its awesome!!! Super smooth. Sounds different than all my other pedals. Very, very transparent... Love it!!" W Reiss, Boulder, CO

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