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Snuffer - AC Power Line Conditioners

Special introductory pricing $79.95 3-pack

The first in a new line of Audio Products -- Mulder Audio Snuffers are passive line filters that you plug into unused receptacles in a "circle" around your listening space, as close as possible to your system. A second set of three can be placed outside your listening space near computers and kitchen appliances for even further noise reduction. Sonically, You will notice a more refined, cleaner presentation with a blacker background and additional space between instruments.

Snuffer 3-pack

Snuffer in AC outlet

What customers are saying!

"...the Snuffers add a richness, warmth, 3 dimensionality to the sound that just sounds like music. They don't have any drawbacks that I can hear, and what I really like is that they are passively conditioning the power without limiting current delivery to your components. This is something you normally have to spend thousands of dollars for. The price of the Snuffers? $99 for 3. Highly recommended."
Michael Garner

"One just has to try the snuffers to believe the difference they make. I really don't know of another audio product on the market for less than $100 that even comes close to improving the sound of a stereo system as much as these little gems do. Now that I have some -- I can't imagine listening without them. Very highly recommended!"
R.T. Boulder, CO

"After applying three snuffers the noise floor dropped and this allowed more information to come up. The sound was more relaxed but also somehow more immediate. Instruments and vocalists were easier to follow. But the thing that was most apparent was the greater sense of side to side and front to back staging. These things are amazing. I bought three more and was able to further the effect. Much thanks to Gary at Mulder Audio."
B.G. Saint Paul, MN

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