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Techno-Borg Tumbling Light Bulb

Ultra Speaker Cable

Ultra speaker cable features heavy 11 gauge conductors instead of the standard 15 gauge. Bass response is improved with a rich, harmonic, full presentation and increased volume. You will also appreciate a more controlled solid feel when playing.


Snuffer - AC Power Line Conditioners

The first in a new line of Audio Products -- Mulder Audio Snuffers are passive line filters that you plug into unused receptacles in a "circle" around your listening space, as close as possible to your system. A second set of three can be placed outside your listening space near computers and kitchen appliances for even further noise reduction. Sonically, You will notice a more refined, cleaner presentation with a blacker background and additional space between instruments.


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X-Pedal cables improved and price reduced!

X-Pedal cables now feature gold plated G&H Connectors and shielded silver plated copper wire for even better sound at a new lower price!

6" X-Pedal Cable


Mulder Audio X-Cables at NAMM!

We want to thank Peter Stroud of the Sheryl Crow Band and all the great guys at 65amps for featuring Mulder Audio X-Head/Cab cables at NAMM! Connecting the new 65-Marquee Club 35 watt Head and Cab., 65amps and Mulder Audio were getting one of the best sounds of the show!

Peter Stroud and Gary Mulder NAMM

Carter Gravatt of Carbon Leaf

"I could not be more blown away by the Mulder speaker cables. They really let your amp breathe and bring out it's truest tone. From my old Marshalls to my Blackface Fenders, the results are always amazing. They help tighten the low end and allow for a really nice harmonic high. If you are serious about your tone, these speaker cables are a link that you can't afford to miss."

"The Mulder Pedal cables are amazing. I run a fairly large pedal board and have been adding Mulder patch cables in over the last few months. No matter where you put them, they will make a difference. I have found that they are great for connecting distortion boxes and delays. I think that my two delay boxes (old memory man and a Replex) work together far better now. But just one will help your tone. I actually use one to jump the channels on my old Marshalls, and it makes a huge difference. I can only hope that Gary will start making instrument cables soon and save us all."

Sound-Check at the Gothic Theater -- Denver, CO

New X-Pedal Cables in Carters Pedal Board

More pictures in the X-Cable Gallery!

Carbon Leaf

X-Pedal cable now available with smaller gold-plated connectors! Perfect for fitting into tight pedal boards!

Based on your feedback we have redesigned the X-Pedal to be more user-friendly. With its small gold-plated right-angle 1/4" phone connectors, the X-Pedal can be easily maneuvered into those tight spaces available in crowded pedal boards. The new X-Pedal sounds even more transparent, clean, clear and open! Still starting at just $39.95


From Stereophile Magazine!

"Mulder Audio X-cables: Gary Mulder, familiar to many audiophiles from Ayre Acoustics, has resurfaced with a company that produces high-end musical instrument cables: Mulder Audio. We haven't heard 'em yet, but they look interesting and include a triple-shielded stomp box cable that ought to tame that spaghetti monster on our pedal board, as well as cables specifically designed for Fender Super Reverbs, Princetons, and Super Champs. Given Mulder's prowess as a system set-up perfectionist, we expect these'll create quite a buzz -- we mean won't create any buzzes."

"Sheesh, you know what we meant."

New Models

With your help we are always coming up with new models and configurations. So keep those suggestions rolling in!


Finally, a reference quality stomp box cable! Triple shielded for ultra-quiet operation. Perfect for what we all know is an impossibly noisy environment -- your pedal board. This special X-Cable boasts the same world class performance as X-Speaker cable. Starting at just $39.95.


We know many guitarists enjoy the sonic benefits of an attenuator like the THD Hot Plate. You turn down but maintain the tone you've worked so hard for. Why compromise your tone with cheap cables in and out of the attenuator? X-Extension is the perfect way to add length to your combo amps speaker cable so it will reach your attenuator. Starting at just $59.95.

X-Super Reverb

Super reverb owners rejoice! Now you have a direct replacement for that crazy wire harness. Right now we are offering this amazing X-Cable for a special introductory price of only $139.95. This special cable should sell for much more!

X-Combo with RCA Connector

It's time to polish up the sound of that old Fender! Perfect for those old Super Champs and Princeton's! Get the same superb X-Cable quality with an RCA connector. Starting at just $44.95.

6" & 9" X-Pedal

36" X-Extension

X-Super Reverb

X-Combo with RCA Connector

Mulder Audio 1155 Atlantis Ave. Lafayette, CO 80026 303.589.8285