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"The Mulder Ultra speaker cable is easily the best sounding cable I've ever used. I've never heard the full spectrum of any amp sound more defined and musical. The highs and lows couldn't sound any more robust and full, it really allows your amps and guitars to perform at their fullest potential. Thanks Gary!"
Carter Gravatt, Carbon Leaf

"I purchased an X-Combo and X-Jumper from Gary and the tone difference was unbelievable. The clarity and richness of tone jumps out at you! Gary has been an absolutely great guy to deal with and he offers some great customer service. Hands down the best improvement I've ever heard for my tone..."
C.S. Meriden, CT

"I decided to take the plunge and just rewired my 64 Deluxe with a Eminence Cannabis Rex and a 12" Mulder X cable... I'm totally excited with the results... My Deluxe is louder and very well balanced for the first time... The bass end is tight but not stiff and no more harshness or fizz in the high end when cranked or when using dirt boxes... I can now crank my Deluxe and play my tele without hurting people -- for the first time... Plus the eq. controls seem to have more effect on the final outcome than before... They certainly are more useable across the full range... I will be rewiring my Fargen in the near futrure... Great stuff!!"
S.S. Germany

"Rec'd and installed cable today. The amp sounds better in every way. More dynamic, more bite, yet smoother with much cleaner overtones. I expected improvement, but this is more than I expected."
L.J. San Francisco, CA

"Got the X-combo today and have been blown away with what a difference it makes. I'm actually astounded! Great job designing this baby!"
J.R. Montclair, NJ

"I received the first cable order today and installed it immediately. This amp sounds great now with the reverb turned off. I never liked the way this amp sounded completely dry, now I love the dry tone. It reminds me of the first time I surfed naked. Cowabunga dude!"
D.H. Newbury Park, CA

"Got the cable yesterday and I immediately installed it. The length was perfect. More importantly, I like what it does. The net result is a smoother and noticeably less harsh tone. The amp retains everything you like about it and filters out what you don't want. I admit I was somewhat skeptical but the cable does exactly what you say it will do. Thanks for the quick service!"
R.H. Madison, WI

"YES!!! this cable is Incredible!!! I heard it RIGHT away!!! It was like lifting a veil off of my amp's sound!!! WOW! seriously folks; BIG diff! It opens the response wide & beautifully!"
M.L. Brooklyn, NY

"I immediately noticed an openness and clarity in the sound and a noticeable reduction in that "upper frequency harshness" that is so fatiguing on the ears. Really just a fuller, richer tone. A really distinct improvement."
M.M. Louisville, KY

"In every case, the improvement in tone was substantial, more of what you wanted to be there and less of what you didn't want."
J.B. Vero Beach, FL

"I could really hear it: A lot more sustain, richer overtones, and more presence. Now I'm addicted. Quite remarkable."
B.K. Denver, CO

"I received my X-cable last night. It took longer to open the box than it did to install. I'd have to say that the new cable is the most cost effective audio improvement I've seen."
M.F. Lincoln, NE

"The difference between the Mulders and your typical speaker cable is so astonishing as to make you think the amp had something off on it. The cable just blew me away. The tone is WAY more open, transparent, more bass, and even a bit more volume but I think this may just be a mind trick because of the greater transparency and openess. These things are the real deal folks. I will be first in line when Gary comes out with guitar cords!"
P.O. Fair Oaks, CA

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