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Exclusive process for X-Cable wire
Starting with pure electrolytic bar copper with no recycled content, our process reduces, refines, draws, polishes and anneals the conductor. Conventional copper is annealed only after the final drawing stage, using a quick, electrical current process called Resistance Annealing. Our copper, however, is annealed the time consuming way, in reduction ovens, at every stage of the process for the Ultra grades and every other stage for the Super grades. We do not use standard metal drawing dies. As metal dies wear, they leave impurities in the sonically important surface of the conductor. We use only custom diamond dies to protect and polish the wire each time it is drawn. A special coating is used to protect the copper between drawing stages and after its production. Then the wire is pulled into an oxygen free atmosphere where it is given another protective coating. This process ultimately eliminates the oxidation and corrosion that destroys other audio cables.

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